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Best location can be where you know best…

Since it has been so cold and, except for the cute snow photos, it is hard to think of getting out of the house to do outdoor photos I thought I should share some cute casual shots taken indoors. I sure had way too much fun doing this shoot and my subject was gorgeous!

I have taken many photos of my son in the same kind of “location” and have learnt that those natural expressions come much easier when the kids are surrounded by their familiar environment but when my client suggested she wanted the same I was a bit concerned I would meet her expectations. Since I love the casual photos I trusted she was like me… To confirm my “best location can be where you know best” theory, we ended up with way too many cute shots – it was a headache to choose the best ones…

If you would like to have photos of your kids at their most natural look and beauty dont worry too much about where to go, as long as they are happy.. your “kitchen” could work!kids_030 kids_031 kids_032

Posted by fabi on January 15, 2011

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