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Shooting in the Mountains

A whole month project – shooting 16 cabins in the mountains (Helen-GA) Note – 6 months pregnant.. (try to be in the bending angle that most interior shots require without being able to curve your back because you are holding a watermelon on your belly.)

We had many funny moments that I wish we had someone capturing on camera… but you know who remembers to take the phone camera when you are holding a brand new 5D Mark ii….

Traveling basic – Of course we got lost several times and when we needed the woman on the GPS to help she would keep repeating… no signal – there are roads on your route that the satellite does not recognize..

Since all we see around the mountains is stuff related to bears… cabin’s names, cabins fully bear decorated… at some point, we ran in panic thinking that there was a bear near where we were.. that was for sure the scariest moment of all and made us jump back inside the cabin in less than a second, leaving all the gear behind…  we ended up finding out that it wasnt a bear – of course – it was a big wild dog that look a bit like a bear in the woods – my assistant funniest comment at that moment – I miss being scared of scorpions… which was another scary moment we had while moving stuff around outside the cabins..yes – a scorpion!

And what about wild and hairy butterflies… I am not normally afraid of butterflies but my assistant’s panic face when I mentioned the hairy one i just saw made me think twice about having to walk and move around them… as quick as i could my hair was pulled up very tight on a pony tale to avoid any confusion and panic.. I decided to give my assistant a break..

There were many other comments that i wish we had written down or had photos to register.. we left our homes at 6 am and back around 6:30 every day for 5 days within a 10 day period – 4 hours in the car plus 8 hours standing and moving gear around – the day after each shoot  I was useless, pretty much like a real bad hangover mixed with the day after of bootcamp..  my body literally shutdown in protest for the insanity of the day before.

We did see some amazing views and had the chance to breath very pure air, the problem was that for two city girls non-accompanied by their lovely husbands… we sure had more to stress about it than to relax about it…

Now, half way through the post production stage, countless hours sitting in the computer.. I am missing my adventures in the woods.. and my funny assistant – Here is a shot to remember (thanks to katia’s obsession to register the places she visits around the world we have one). To check some of the amazing views and shots we captured click here.

Posted by fabi on May 12, 2011
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  1. 05/12/2011
    Brian Clarke

    You girls did a GREAT job and the photos of our Cabin were superb – many thanks

    Brian & Karen

    • 05/13/2011
      fabi Lovell

      Very pleased that you guys were happy with results. Thanks for your feedback. Can you find some cabins for us to shoot in England? 🙂

  2. 05/13/2011

    Sounds like the shooting was more fun than you let on! I’ll know better next time when you come home allegedly ‘exhausted’!

    Pics look great.


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