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How expensive does your product look?


The other day I fell in love with a ring while shopping for something else, one of those “must have” things that you sometimes bump into. After getting home and trying to find a good excuse for my extra spending I thought… Well, this ring could be a pretty photo for my website – all happy now! Later, as I browse the web to find out more about the ring’s designer I was so surprised to find a photo of my ring that should have never been seen by anyone, at least not if people were trying to sell it… Why? Because it does not make justice to such a beautiful piece!

I don’t think all people should be able to produce great product shots, BUT if you are a designer or retailer selling a great product it is not fair to your efforts to lack so much when you try to showcase it to your possible customers. Investing in images that make your product stand out is a MUST for your business. You could potentially be able to make more money out of the same product or, at least, have a better chance when being compared with the highly competitive market out there.

When you look at the two images below, how expensive does the same ring look? No need to say much, we live in a visual world and, for the good or bad, images do speak more then words.

Actually, one more thing to say: If you sell a large amount of the same product or your product has good profit margin  – professional photos are not going to cost your business – Contact for an estimate!


Posted by fabi on October 19, 2012

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