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How/why I started Fine Art Portrait

A couple more days and the portfolio gallery will be ready! It has been hard to wait till this project is ready enough to share with all. I say “ready enough” because if you know anyone in the arts industry, our work is never ready, conceptual work… even harder to call it done!

About three months ago I fell in love with one photo that I accidentally bumped into while googling for something else, and, since that moment, I couldn’t stop thinking of how to do something similar here in Atlanta. It has been a non-stop journey. My family has paid the price of me totally losing my focus on summer, weekends or anything home related. One day during summer I even paid my boys $5 each so they would sit in the studio to help me do some experiment. I managed to get them to change from their sports gear and let me brush their hair for once BUT all I got was about 3 minutes of their precious time for setting up my lights. Most expensive rate ever for a kid helping around the house… After that not so successful experience, I decided to invite girls to help me with the “light set up” project. They were amazing little helpers, thank you girls!

To get the idea going I also talked to my photographer friends and people interested in arts in general for inputs, support and feedback. Can’t thank you all enough! Thank you to my portfolio models, their moms and everyone else involved in the project. Last but not least, giant thank you to my amazing hair stylist for working with me on this. All together you helped make something really cool happen and this new side of my business is also going to help me achieve something that has been in my mind for a while – find a way to help the Foster Kids cause, something that breaks my heart for even having to exist. (More to come soon)

Below: my two very expensive little helpers.. cute guys but seriously.. 3 minutes??



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Posted by fabi on September 14, 2016

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