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Headshots – The life of your business website

Headshots have its own category in photography for a good reason. They are unique to each subject, each project, each business, each personality, each style, each location and to each photographer too.

Such a small frame that can tell so much or nothing about someone… and usually this kind of photos are also done so fast what causes even more pressure on the subject. Standing in front of a camera and trying to look your best to someone that you, most of the time, have just met – ahhh, so hard! NO! It doesn’t have to be. Not after the first couple of minutes that it takes to become “friends” with the person holding the camera. It’s a quick relationship of trust that a professional with plenty of experience can create for the subject, allowing each person to keep a frozen moment of their best expression. After doing headshots for a while you learn that everyone can have that perfect shot. It doesn’t matter their size, shape, color, age, personality or stage in their career… It’s possible!

A serious business – small, medium or large – knows that having a space on their website that introduces their clients to their people it is a must. Having a pattern of looks, not having a pattern, coordinating styles, not coordinating, maybe a funny look? Every business can have their team’s images helping to tell a story about about its brand, its mission and also express the life of the company – It’s all connected!

Check these samples below.. Can you imagine a blank space on your website on the page that you are supposed to introduce your team to your visitors?


website01 website02 website03 website04 website06website05

Posted by fabi on September 30, 2016
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  1. 10/16/2016

    I would like more information about your rates for professional headshots for business.

    • 10/17/2016

      Hi Chris, are you able to send me a brief description of the project. Rates vary a lot depending on size of project, amount of people or days. Studio or location. Indoors, outdoors – with traditional backdrop or more environmental (using the company’s own building/view as background). Happy to discuss all that with over the phone if you prefer. My cell 678-429-8603. Thanks for your interest, Looking forward to hearing more from you. Fabi


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