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Fabi Lovell

Though a native of Brazil, I have lived in several great cities including: London, Auckland, Sydney and since 2008 have been based in Atlanta. I’m a passionate mother of two adorable boys that own my heart. 

Life cannot be too planned.  I prefer to live freely and stand ready to follow life’s signs.  My passion is my ever-changing photography career and my learning is constant. I am most content when slightly unsettled, a little uncomfortable and a bit at risk.  Life is motion.  I live it. (Though, when my camera is near, I will try to freeze it!)

My Photography

I began my career in the creative teams in advertising and marketing, back in the film days, when retouching was just remotely known. Once the digital camera took over the market, I found the sweet spot between two passions – graphic design and photography. As an apprentice to several amazingly talented Brazilian and Australian photographers, I furthered my passion, learned the discipline’s complexities and defined my creative style.  My versatile mentors maintained high profile clients ranging from world-renowned fashion brands to music and movie celebrities to major television programs. The depth and breadth of my apprenticeship has served me well as I navigate different fields of photography.

I launched Light Stylist Photography in 2005 with a specific studio-based commercial products focus.  My photography style, skills and focus have evolved through the years. Each new client presents challenges to overcome and techniques to master.  Mastering the very technical nature of this photography segment always appealed to me.  I welcome the challenge of spending countless hours – often a day or more – getting that perfect shot!

Back in 2009 I challenged myself again and left the studio to master natural light. At that point, my focus on kids photography resulted from the increasing demands of my friends and fellow moms.  I learned that more than any other kind of photography, capturing the essence of a child through a camera’s lens is quite a task – one that is unique to each child. After some fine-tuning I was delighted to be able to capture their spirit, personality and energy. It was not a piece of cake but it did become a new passion in my life.

In 2016, added to my commercial work, I decided to combine two passions again – this time studio lighting and children photography.  It’s definitely not easy but I’m ready for the challenge and the results are totally worth it.  My newly launched Fabi Lovell Fine Art specializes in creating portraits, headshots and portfolios of children and teenagers using a classic and timeless style.