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Launching a product in the small business world?

Launching a new product can be overwhelming in so many ways… Call us to find out how we can help! Pass the headache of all your imaging needs to us and spend more time developing your business. Flexible rates applied for small business and individuals starting their dream project!


21 Mar 2017

Headshots – The life of your business website

Headshots have its own category in photography for a good reason. They are unique to each subject, each project, each business, each personality, each style, each location and to each photographer too.

Such a small frame that can tell so much or nothing about someone… and usually this kind of photos are also done so fast what causes even more pressure on the subject. Standing in front of a camera and trying to look your best to someone that you, most of the time, have just met – ahhh, so hard! NO! It doesn’t have to be. Not after the first couple of minutes that it takes to become “friends” with the person holding the camera. It’s a quick relationship of trust that a professional with plenty of experience can create for the subject, allowing each person to keep a frozen moment of their best expression. After doing headshots for a while you learn that everyone can have that perfect shot. It doesn’t matter their size, shape, color, age, personality or stage in their career… It’s possible!

A serious business – small, medium or large – knows that having a space on their website that introduces their clients to their people it is a must. Having a pattern of looks, not having a pattern, coordinating styles, not coordinating, maybe a funny look? Every business can have their team’s images helping to tell a story about about its brand, its mission and also express the life of the company – It’s all connected!

Check these samples below.. Can you imagine a blank space on your website on the page that you are supposed to introduce your team to your visitors?


website01 website02 website03 website04 website06website05

30 Sep 2016

How/why I started Fine Art Portrait

A couple more days and the portfolio gallery will be ready! It has been hard to wait till this project is ready enough to share with all. I say “ready enough” because if you know anyone in the arts industry, our work is never ready, conceptual work… even harder to call it done!

About three months ago I fell in love with one photo that I accidentally bumped into while googling for something else, and, since that moment, I couldn’t stop thinking of how to do something similar here in Atlanta. It has been a non-stop journey. My family has paid the price of me totally losing my focus on summer, weekends or anything home related. One day during summer I even paid my boys $5 each so they would sit in the studio to help me do some experiment. I managed to get them to change from their sports gear and let me brush their hair for once BUT all I got was about 3 minutes of their precious time for setting up my lights. Most expensive rate ever for a kid helping around the house… After that not so successful experience, I decided to invite girls to help me with the “light set up” project. They were amazing little helpers, thank you girls!

To get the idea going I also talked to my photographer friends and people interested in arts in general for inputs, support and feedback. Can’t thank you all enough! Thank you to my portfolio models, their moms and everyone else involved in the project. Last but not least, giant thank you to my amazing hair stylist for working with me on this. All together you helped make something really cool happen and this new side of my business is also going to help me achieve something that has been in my mind for a while – find a way to help the Foster Kids cause, something that breaks my heart for even having to exist. (More to come soon)

Below: my two very expensive little helpers.. cute guys but seriously.. 3 minutes??



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14 Sep 2016

How expensive does your product look?


The other day I fell in love with a ring while shopping for something else, one of those “must have” things that you sometimes bump into. After getting home and trying to find a good excuse for my extra spending I thought… Well, this ring could be a pretty photo for my website – all happy now! Later, as I browse the web to find out more about the ring’s designer I was so surprised to find a photo of my ring that should have never been seen by anyone, at least not if people were trying to sell it… Why? Because it does not make justice to such a beautiful piece!

I don’t think all people should be able to produce great product shots, BUT if you are a designer or retailer selling a great product it is not fair to your efforts to lack so much when you try to showcase it to your possible customers. Investing in images that make your product stand out is a MUST for your business. You could potentially be able to make more money out of the same product or, at least, have a better chance when being compared with the highly competitive market out there.

When you look at the two images below, how expensive does the same ring look? No need to say much, we live in a visual world and, for the good or bad, images do speak more then words.

Actually, one more thing to say: If you sell a large amount of the same product or your product has good profit margin  – professional photos are not going to cost your business – Contact for an estimate!


19 Oct 2012

It’s Fall again

Dont we all love Fall in Atlanta GA? I know my son does, last year (when almost 3) he had the time of his life helping daddy blow leaves in the backyard and also around Brookhaven streets (daddy likes the road to be clean too). For mommy this means fun photography opportunity, for daddy its not all fun, it means LOTS of leaves to blow. But this year there will be an extra little helper (13 month old) so it may be quicker (or NOT).

By the way, the “little helper to be” was the reason why my blog ran VERY SLOW for more than a year. He was very demanding but finally reaching some independency so photographer mommy can do more work.
A quick note to my clients that like to do Holiday photos, I created a mini photo shoot package that will allow you to get the shots you need for the cards and those prints that make great gifts for family and friends for a very good rate. Please send me a note and I will forward the price list to you.
Looking forward to seeing you all – Enjoy the Fall!


11 Oct 2012

Celebrating One Year in Atlanta!

Very exciting – ONE year has past since we had our opening exhibition and SO much has happened since…

Any first year is a bit chaotic because you have to understand where you are, meet people and figure out what works for you, your business and your clients. It was a hard working year but the results couldn’t be more exciting. I know there is a lot to happen in the near future and it’s actually been hard to slow down to prepare for the birth of my second child in less than 2 months – poor baby, he may be born already thinking he has to help me process some photos or hold the gear for mommy… (and he may have too) It is just too hard to stop when everything is happening, so I want to thanks all clients, friends and family for all the support in this great first year!!!

Happy First Anniversary to Light Stylist Atlanta!

24 Jun 2011

Shooting in the Mountains

12 May 2011

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Light Stylist was thrilled to have the opportunity to help during the 17th annual Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Fairy Tale Tea. This glamorous affair was a tea party for over 200 children, parents and grandparents benefiting Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

The fundraising event took place at the Swan Coach House 3130 Slaton Drive NW * Atlanta, GA 30305 on Sunday, March 27, 2011 and featured afternoon tea, fashion show, crafts and prizes. Many pretty photos were taken and all photos sold will help with the fundraise.

Fairy Tale Tea Friends is one of 33 community groups that support Children’s through service, fundraising and awareness projects. Donors and volunteers are key in our efforts to make the world a safer, healthier place for children to grow.

Again, Light Stylist was very proud to have the chance to participate in such a beautiful event.

22 Apr 2011

Giving back – Supporting Christchurch NZ

Supporting “New Zealand Red Cross 2011 Earthquake Appeal”

New Zealand became a very special place for me when I started dating my husband. We traveled from Auckland all the way to  Invercargill (last piece of land in the South Island) in a van. It took us about 30 days and I still cant believe how lucky I was to be able to do something like that. We were able to see in a very special way how wonderful that country is.

When I heard the latest news about the earthquake in Christchurch my heart was broken. I only had great memories of that place. While traveling I took many photos but I had one that was always very special to me – A huge tree in a park in Christchurch.. So strong and so sweet..(If I remember well it was behind the museum, not sure) I hope it is still there even after the terrible news this week.

There is not much I can do to help in such a disaster but I thought that I could offer to sell a print of this beautiful tree to people I know and donate the profit to Christchurch. It’s a small thing but I feel like I can give something back to New Zealand since the country gave me the most amazing memories and life experience.

If you have any interest in purchasing a print and help New Zealand please click here

26 Feb 2011

Best location can be where you know best…

Since it has been so cold and, except for the cute snow photos, it is hard to think of getting out of the house to do outdoor photos I thought I should share some cute casual shots taken indoors. I sure had way too much fun doing this shoot and my subject was gorgeous!

I have taken many photos of my son in the same kind of “location” and have learnt that those natural expressions come much easier when the kids are surrounded by their familiar environment but when my client suggested she wanted the same I was a bit concerned I would meet her expectations. Since I love the casual photos I trusted she was like me… To confirm my “best location can be where you know best” theory, we ended up with way too many cute shots – it was a headache to choose the best ones…

If you would like to have photos of your kids at their most natural look and beauty dont worry too much about where to go, as long as they are happy.. your “kitchen” could work!kids_030 kids_031 kids_032

15 Jan 2011