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Whether you can provide months of advance notice or just a few short hours, Fabi understands the value of saying “Yes, I’ll be there” whenever or wherever you need her to be available.  In the fast paced corporate world, being “on-call” is the only way to capture those must-have images like an infrequently visiting CEO who has 1-hour layover in Atlanta or an executive team photo minutes after listing on the stock exchange.

Fabi commits to working at your pace and will exceed your quality expectations. Imaging is Fabi’s business and she intends to present your organization, its products and its passions in a way that your clients will respect and your competitors will admire.

Portrait – Headshots – Photography is a complex enough discipline well before you add the challenge of shooting even the most experienced human subject.  To ensure that she captures you or your team effectively, it’s imperative that Fabi identify your genuine objectives.  Sometimes it’s the subject’s own environment that will produce the right shot, sometimes the landscape or lighting are most relevant and sometimes it’s necessary to introduce entirely new experiences to the subject to yield the desired outcome.  Fabi will help you navigate this decision.

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